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#BoutiqueA2 This last week, boutique Ann Arbor hotel Weber’s Inn, hosted an event to formally reveal their recent renovations. The event featured the contractor and designer of the redesigned hotel giving presentations on the particulars of the remodel. In addition, Weber’s owner, Ken Weber, talked about the history of the Ann Arbor landmark and what […]


#TEDxUofM A big event held in Ann Arbor that encourages crazy and innovative ideas. The sold out event taking place this Friday at The Michigan Theater. The antonym of #charlieindetroit. No tickets? Watch the TEDxUofM Live Stream. Related Hashtags: #TEDxAwesome #A2life #TEDx


#snydersbet The gamble Michigan Governer Rick Snyder is making with his radical, new budget. The bet that lower business taxes will help decrease the budget deficit. The bet that is creating unrest in Michigan and giving life to Progress Michigan- the tamer sibling of the Middle Eastern uprisings. Related Hashtags: #localuprisings #filmabuster #whatthetax


#arborgas The recent report by that Ann Arbor has the highest gas prices in the state of Michigan. News that doesn’t impact half of the city that bikes, walks, buses and rollerblades to work… even in the dead of winter. A small price to pay to live in the only city that can be […]