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#SocialMediaDisaster An apocalyptic situation in which all social media information is lost. An attack on servers across the nation (Julian Assange style.) A loss of public, personal information for all eternity. The devastating loss of thousands of hours spent perfecting social media profiles to the exact mixture of cleverness and professionalism you want to convey […]


#QuittingSucks A campaign from Nicorette centered around a hashtag. Directed at smoking, but also a catch-all for old habits that are yet to be slayed in the new year. The latest proof that hashtags are a giant movement in marketing- what is your hashtag? Related Hashtags: #WhatsYourVice #HashtagDomination


#NewYearsGoals The optimistic sibling to the #resolutionfail. A positive and typically obtainable solution to #resolutionfail, like integrating your traditional media with Internet marketing strategies. Related Hashtags: #ROI #KickButtStrategy


#OfficeChristmasParty The most traditionally regretted event of the year, although hopefully most enjoy it without hitting on the mailboy. Conversely, an opportunity to relax with coworkers and unwind for the holidays. Also see: LA2M Holiday Charity Party – a networking opportunity to kick off the holiday season with other professionals while doing some good in […]


#DigitalPR An effective way to get in on the conversation around your brand. A tool that aids SEO efforts. A critical monitoring of your online reputation. See: Integrating Digital PR Into Your Marketing Mix. Related Hashtags: #OnlineReputation #UpYourVisibility


#MakeSureYou Attend LA2M, this Wednesday, to hear ESPN broadcaster Mike Tirico’s presentation of his World Cup coverage. Listen, connect, share and engage with each other during the #140conf. Check out the Oct. 20th Morning Edition Breakfast at Weber’s Inn. Catch the season finale of Jersey Shore this Thursday. Related Hashtags: #MustSeeEvents #MarkYourCalendar #October20th


#MorningEdition A lively morning program, held monthly at Weber’s Inn, designed to keep members up-to-date on community issues. Where Ingenex CEO, Derek Mehraban, will be sharing his expertise in the world of digital marketing and the future of communications. A radio news program produced and distributed by NPR Related Hashtags: #RemarkableSpeakers #VitalLocalIssues #Networking


#140Conf The connected conference for the social media guru or the emerging Twitter enthusiast. Jeff Pulver’s gift to fellow Tweeters on October 20th, in which, attendees can explore, engage, share and learn. One of the greatest Tweetups Detroit has known. Related Hashtags: #SayItIn140 #DigitalDetroit


#MikeTirico Lead broadcaster for ESPN’s Monday Night Football, and second lead broadcaster for ESPN’s presentation of the NBA. Studio host for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. But most notably, Mike Tirico has signed on to join the LA2M Fall 2010 Speaker Lineup in Ann Arbor. Here he will have an opportunity to shamelessly self-promote himself […]


#Mashable A top online source for social media news, stats and entertainment THE biggest legitimate time-waster in the marketing industry (not including #HTFL, of course.) Company of the dreamiest Scotsman on the internet: Pete Cashmore Related Hashtags: #InternetMcDreamy #SocialMediaFun #TimeVampires